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Formula Duo Weedfin

Double asymmetrical, for Formula Boards developed fin.

  1. Downwind faster than upright fins

  1. For weed

  1. No spin outs

  1. Easy planning through large area

  1. Highest smoothness with Duo Profile

  2. The 32 cm Formula Weed can hold  10 qm sails, she is diagonal   45 cm long,

  3. no problems near the beach. They are carbon fins of the highest quality.

  1. The asymmetrical foil shape features a concave section near the fin base on one        side     and near the tip on the other side. The concave transfer diagonally from one side to the other and prevents spin out on both tacks.

  2. When landing small jumps in chop or waves, air is drawn under the board and onto the fin. The cut out at the base of the fin prevents the air pocket from attaching to the fin and allows it to be ejected behind the board.

  3. The Design Lessacher Duo Formula Weed is available in :


  5. Depth        in cm :    28      32      36      40

  6. Sail size in  qcm :   540    600   660    700

How long.?